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In our two-day workshop Match & Create, we team up with the municipality of Copenhagen – properties and purchases, who wish to find solutions to cope with the city property’s indoor climate.

Join this innovation workshop where we map the problems and search for potential solutions.

It is widely known that light, sound and air have a profound influence on people’s quality of life, learning ability and work efficiency. Indoor climate is thus a factor that is increasingly under observation and attempted to improve focus on the buildings where people spend most of their lives indoors.

The Danish Indoor climate problem

Part of the indoor climate challenge in Denmark should be seen in the context of extensive energy optimizing initiatives that have characterized Danish construction over the last 20 years. Optimizing energy consumption through sealing of buildings has resulted in numerous indoor climate challenges e.g. control with CO2 air content and temperature regulation. Seen from a user perspective, these buildings have become a factor that decreases instead of increases life quality for the people that spend their daily lives inside them.

For years, Copenhagen Properties and Purchases (KEID) have focused on energy optimizing their properties which have resulted in substantial savings on the Municipality’s operating budget.  Now KEID wants to find solutions to cope with the same property’s indoor climate.

On this Match & Create innovation workshop BLOXHUB and KEID ask the following questions:

  • How can KEID, in the best feasible way, measure indoor climate in the various properties of the municipality and thereby provide an overview of the nature, extent and geography of the problem?
  • What are the negative effects of poor indoor climate and how do we capitalize these? Is it possible to set up a business case that gives KEID mandate to raise the issue at the political level?
  • And what indoor solutions are available (technical and behavioural) which can remedy poor indoor climate in the future?

Want to join in?

Together with KEID we invite companies and organizations that work within the indoor climate agenda or other relevant fields to take part in two workshops on the 15. and 16. of November 2018 in BLOXHUB. Participation is free of charge, but all participants must attend both workshops.

Please note that there are limited seats available and that the team will be put together with respect to competencies and interplay with other participants to address the full scope of the innovation potential.

You can apply for participation by sending an email to

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