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Take part in BLOXHUB’s Match & Create innovation workshops – this time focusing on how blockchain can be implemented as a cross-cutting technology that supports collaboration and ensures quality in design, agreement, delivery and documentation. Through the workshops with cross-sectoral participation, the goal is to create more insight into the potentials of blockchain and outline applications in the industry, on building projects and in the organization behind it all.

The development is a collaboration between BLOXHUB and HDLab. The outcome will be recommendations for the building industry regarding potentials for use and ownership of the blockchain technology.

How can I join?
Through two workshops on 16th and 30th of January 2019, a core team will work on unfolding potentials for applications of blockchains. To qualify the core team’s conceptualization process you are invited to join in on expert sessions during these two days. The call for experts applies to all disciplines within the building industry e.g.: Tech/Digi-experts, Developers, Building owners, Contractors, Craftsmen (and women), Architects, Engineers, other advisers and more….

The format is sessions of 3-4 hours where the core team will get input and feedback from the experts on blockchain concepts. All participants will be credited in the final report/presentation.

Please note that there are limited seats available. Furthermore, the teams will be organized with respect to competencies and interplay with other participants to address the full scope of the innovation potential.

You can apply for participation by sending an email to


Join the Kick off event in BLOXHUB:
We will be kicking off this event on December 12 at 14:30 in BLOXHUB Arena. Come and get inspired on blockchain – potentials and challenges in the building industry – and learn more about how you can participate.

The kickoff event is free of charge! Reserve a seat here:

Read more about Match & create: