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We are excited to present the New Nordic Smart City Roadmap – a joint framework for smart city work in cities and municipalities both in the Nordics and internationally, which outlines the way for more sustainable, humancentric and inclusive cities.

The Roadmap was officially launched on September 20 at the Nordic Edge Expo and is based on common Nordic values such as trust, equality, and co-creation. It will form a narrative of what constitutes a Nordic smart city – making it globally accessible for cities and municipalities around the world to understand and learn from its purposes and qualities.

Nordic organizations have developed the joint framework through an open and collaborative process and we are proud to be part of the working group together with Nordic Smart City Network, Nordic Edge, Design and Architecture Norway – DOGA, Demos Helsinki, Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Center, Iceland Design and Architecture and Nordic Urban Resilience Institute.

Explore the Roadmap here.