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Visible City (UK) & Smart City Insights (DK)


2020 –


These two companies from London and Copenhagen were matched in BLOXHUB. Now they help organizations analyse, visualize and monetize client enterprise data combined with a diverse universe of public and marketplace data.


To serve the rapidly growing need for data analysis, governance and monetization.


Through an international collaboration facilitated by BLOXHUB, Smart City Insights and Visible City are now partnering up.

They are currently working with New York City on a potential project to create a stronger data ecosystem for utilizing data in smart city solutions.

The two companies are part of the BLOXHUB community and were introduced to each other by BLOXHUB staff. After just a couple of meetings, they agreed on using each other’s unique data insights to present for customers around the world. Now they work together and cover the entire value chain of commercialization of data for public agencies and private firms alike.

“We are excited to enter this journey with Visible City, who we have known for more than two years. The combination of our skills and culture provide us with a strong backbone for all types of customers” Peter Bjørn Larsen, CEO, Smart City Insights.