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We live in an urbanizing world, and up to two-thirds of the world’s population may live in cities by 2050. The world is changing at unprecedented speed, and within the next 40 years, more buildings will have been constructed than the combined total throughout all of human history (source).

Digital technology will play a very important role in the future of our cities as it will be integrated into the majority of new design and architecture. It is, in fact, estimated that at least 40% of all IoT-sensors will be implemented in our urban physical surroundings. In relation to this, we believe it is more important than ever to rethink and challenge traditional design methods and planning tools.

With the mission to inspire creative digital solutions to the challenges posed by rapid, global urbanization, PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE is based on UN Sustainable Development Goal 11.3 (source). For us, sustainable cities are not only about saving energy, reduction of CO2, optimizing traffic flow and waste management. It is also about the social aspect: cities celebrating diversity, public space designed to embrace the social meeting, local needs connected to meet the citizens’ needs and digital technology utilized to create a safer environment.

We are interested in how we can inspire each other to create physical space enhanced by data-driven and digital solutions, which can encourage sustainable behavior. The focus is interdisciplinary, and the Open Call invites technologists, architects, creatives and engineers, from all around the world to share visions and best practice across nationalities.

Through collaboration and sharing of ideas, we wish to push the boundaries for the future design of our cities; to promise and challenge each other to rethink responsible urban innovation. With Big Data follows big responsibility and, in these times, we believe that creating a significant impact requires co-creation and focused involvement of relevant stakeholders – from both public institutions and private companies.

Establishing mutually beneficial public-private relationships is therefore a central part of our mission. The Open Call winners plus selected teams, will have the possibility to be matched with bigger companies or municipalities in order to have the concept realized in a real and meaningful context.

From our perspective designing with a human-centered focus will help us create more sustainable and timeless solutions for the future.