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In November 2020, BLOXHUB hosted two roundtables that focused on the German and Nordic markets for sustainable urbanisation.

The representatives at the roundtables came from a variety of backgrounds and organisations, constituting a diverse and interesting group of professionals that included architects, trade advisors, engineers and more. The participants were invited to discuss opportunities, challenges, and trends in the German and Nordic markets respectively, paving the way for two highly interesting 90-minute talks.

Key takeaways and highlights from the discussions can be found below.

A global opportunity
BLOXHUB will continue to host a number of roundtables in the foreseeable future, allowing members to share knowledge and jointly identify new business opportunities.

If you have a specific topic or market discussion that you think would make for a great roundtable, please reach out to Global Network Manager at BLOXHUB, Martine Kildeby: