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BLOXHUB Welcomes Three Dynamic New Board Members

By 21 May, 2024No Comments

BLOXHUB proudly welcomes the addition of three remarkable visionaries to our board: Nanna Westerby Jensen, Kasper Guldager Jensen, and Anders Bengtsson. Each brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table. With a collective vision for pioneering sustainable development and fostering global collaboration, these new members bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to the forefront of BLOXHUB’s mission. We asked them about their goals and aspirations for BLOXHUB in the years to come:

Nanna Westerby Jensen: Steering Sustainable Urban Solutions

Nanna Westerby Jensen, currently serving as the Director of Planning in the economic department of the Municipality of Copenhagen, stands as a beacon of insight into the intricate workings of urban development. With a storied career path that includes roles as a parliamentary spokesperson and Chief Building Officer, Nanna’s journey embodies a steadfast dedication to driving positive change within city landscapes.

Sharing her motivations for joining the board, Nanna articulates, “Joining the BLOXHUB board is an opportunity to help the community, engage with the members, and learn from the many members of BLOXHUB’s ecosystem and other board members.” Her focus lies in bridging the gap between policy imperatives and actionable strategies, ensuring that BLOXHUB remains an epicenter for sustainable urban innovation.

Looking ahead, Nanna envisions a collaborative ecosystem where ideas are not only nurtured but transformed into scalable solutions with tangible impact. Her emphasis on cultivating a robust international reputation and fostering cross-sector partnerships underscores BLOXHUB’s pivotal role in shaping the future of urban environments.

Kasper Guldager Jensen: Pioneering Architect and Sustainability Advocate

Kasper Guldager Jensen, the co-founder of Home.Earth, brings a blend of architectural ingenuity and environmental consciousness to the BLOXHUB board. Renowned for his boundary-pushing designs and fervent advocacy for sustainable living, Kasper embodies the spirit of innovation that defines BLOXHUB’s ethos.

In his own words, Kasper underscores the importance of practical implementation, stating, “Translating ideas into tangible outcomes is paramount.” He champions the power of physical gatherings and immersive workshop experiences in catalyzing innovation, heralding BLOXHUB as a crucible for transformative ideas.

Driven by a passion for sustainability and a commitment to fostering global networks, Kasper envisions BLOXHUB as a nexus for cross-cultural collaboration. His unwavering dedication to green investments and holistic urban development aligns seamlessly with BLOXHUB’s mission of creating vibrant, eco-friendly cities.

Anders Bengtsson: Facilitator of Collaboration and Growth

Anders Bengtsson, Head of Innovation Hub North at EIT Urban Mobility, brings a wealth of experience in cultivating collaborative ecosystems and driving strategic growth. With a knack for connecting disparate elements and facilitating meaningful dialogues, Anders embodies the spirit of synergy that defines BLOXHUB’s community.

For Anders, the challenge lies in maintaining relevance and fostering continuous evolution within BLOXHUB’s dynamic landscape. Leveraging his expertise in urban development and keen foresight, Anders seeks to chart a course for sustained growth and innovation within the community.

With a keen focus on expanding European and international collaborations, Anders envisions BLOXHUB as a global hub for urban innovation. By harnessing the collective expertise and passion of its members, he aims to propel BLOXHUB to new heights of success on the global stage.

A warm welcome to Nanna, Kasper, and Anders. We can’t wait to benefit from their experience and the fresh perspective they bring.