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How will our cities change post-pandemic? What can we do as citizens, urban planners, architects, designers and decision-makers to ensure the right restart for our cities – and protect ourselves against future pandemics? How do we create solutions that ensure resilience, but do not compromise on livability and sustainability?

Through a new Nordic partnership between DOGA – Design and Architecture Norway, Danish Design Centre, BLOXHUB, Gehl Architects, Urban Agenda and Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, we will dive into the dilemmas of pandemic-proof cities when it comes to climate, behaviour, design and livability and help generate the best solutions for restarting the good life in our cities.

For the next six months, we will, through Science Talks,  BLOXHUB Debates and Workshops discuss, get wiser and co-create solutions for urban living.

Did you not catch the opening debate? See live stream here: