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Invitation to Urban planners and practitioners:

Cities have become the sites of both the world’s major problems and major possibilities. Consequently, livability has become a leitmotiv of urban development, and it must be questioned what makes a city livable, for who and what, and how in practice and theory?

The course introduces different critical perspectives on what makes cities ‘livable’ and through various themes, we explore specific efforts to improve urban conditions as well as layout the challenges involved. The course is organized around cases from cities around the world and especially Copenhagen and its surrounding lands. Particular interest is given to Copenhagen because it is a site through which ideas and practices of livable urban living are being explored, promoted and contested. What to learn from these actions and lessons?

Unfolding livable cities is about the ability to integrate social, cultural and environmental dimensions. Key to this integration is to investigate and experiment with the diversity of cities and the processes through which life unfolds and cities take shape. Through research-based perspectives and a strong collaboration with local planners and practitioners, you will learn from multiple perspectives.

Time: Fixed teaching days for two days a week in the period October 1st-22nd, 2019. Subsequently, group work on problem-based projects with on-going supervision and presentations November 8th 2019.

Planners and professionals working with urban development are welcome to tailor the course by selecting specific themes and days of interest in order to better accommodate your work schedule. As a professional, you additionally have the option of getting feedback on projects from your workplace, rather than participating in group project work.

Location: Hosted by BLOXHUB in Central Copenhagen. Designed and taught by Nordic Urban Planning Studies and Geography at Roskilde University (Denmark) in collaboration with BLOXHUB.

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Planners and practitioners go directly to signup here no later than September 1st

Huge thanks to Realdania and Grundejernes Invisteringsfond for supporting the Summer School!