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For the coming months, BLOXHUB will be home to Lendager’s exhibition “Wasteland”, showcasing examples of circular economy and sustainable building practices.

If you’re visiting BLOXHUB in the coming months, you’ll be met by a new sight in our Member’s Lounge. From April 22 to June 18 the co-working space will be hosting the exhibition “Wasteland” by our member company Lendager.

The exhibition has been created to shed a light on how Lendager engages with circular economy and sustainability in the built environment, by turning what is usually considered waste into valuable resources.

Reimagining Waste

The Wasteland Exhibition is made up of two different sections. In the first one, the primary component is chairs made from reused materials. They are made from plastic from industrial waste from Carlsberg, plastic found in the ocean, and wood. This part of the exhibition shows how Lendager works with the reuse of plastic in an industrial context to give new life to the material.

In the second section, the product displayed is roofing sheets, again made from reused materials. The roofing sheets are from a refugee camp in Uganda and are made from used SaWa Bags (formerly known as SolarSacks) – a Danish invention by 4Life Solutions ensuring clean water. After the SaWa Bags had fulfilled their original purpose, Lendager used the plastic from the water containers to make roofing sheets, showing how circular principles can be implemented anywhere – whether in a Danish production context or in a refugee camp in Uganda.

The exhibition was originally meant to be a part of “the Denmark Pavilion” at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, developed together with The Ministry of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs, VisitDenmark, Realdania and Industriens Fond. But because of the global pandemic, the exhibition never made it to Japan. Instead “Wasteland” debuted in the fall of 2021 at Milano Design Week. A rendering of the planned “Denmark Pavilion” can be seen on one of the posters in the current exhibition.

A Sustainable Exhibition

The exhibition is made for disassembly, which means that the components can be used again for future exhibitions. The form of the exhibition thus supports the content: Rethinking reuse and waste and considering circularity as a natural part of the process.

Wasteland is therefore a sustainable exhibition alternative, where the modular structures can be reused in future creations. The chairs and roofing sheets are not meant to be exhibition pieces their entire life though. At some point, they will become furniture and building blocks and be a part of a sustainable everyday life.

The Wasteland Exhibition is situated at BLOXHUB Members Lounge until June 18. Next stop for the exhibition will be at Folkemødet 2022 on Bornholm.