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On 14 June 2024, we invite you to Allinge Harbor for a series of debates on real estate, architecture, sustainability, and urban development. Step aboard the historical schooner Johanne and delve into the heart of the real estate industry at the Danish Democracy Festival in Bornholm. Discover how the sector can chart a course toward positive transformation and shape the cities of tomorrow.

Come join the conversation as we explore some of the most pressing topics in the industry.


10.00: Do EU Requirements and Regulations Foster Genuine Sustainability? Is the EU taxonomy the path to sustainability? And what does it mean for the real estate industry and society?

11.00: Housing Dreams: What Matters Most to You? Share your opinion in the dilemma debate – what is most important to you when realizing your housing dream?

12.00: Is the Real Estate Industry as Concrete Gray as Its Reputation? A debate about the real estate industry as a workplace focused on diversity, inclusion, and well-being.

13.00: Who Benefits from the Mixed City? Everyone talks about the mixed city – but we prefer to resemble our neighbors. Have we misunderstood something in urban planning?

14.00: Is It Time to Bid Farewell to the Single-Family House? An audience-involving debate where we question the single-family house, its sustainability, and where the boundary lies for its future.

15.00: Breaking Down Prejudices: Idealists vs. Real Estate Capitalists Prejudices are tested when we put ‘angry, young idealists’ against the ‘evil real estate capitalists.’

16.00: Can We Build Away Urban Problems? Should city problems be built away, or are we better off with a general building stop?

We look forward to seeing you there!

The program is done in collaboration with Tetriis, Copenhagen Windows, Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri, AKF, GoBoat, PensionDanmark, Gehl NREP/Urban Partners, EjendomDanmark, Henning Larsen, BLOXHUB, Bruun & Hjejle, Realkredit Danmark, SKEL, Deloitte, BO-VEST & ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører.