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After our Annual General Meeting, Helle Søholt, CEO of Gehl, is now the new chairperson of the board. Four other members of the board were also elected, including one from a member organization, which is a first in BLOXHUB history.

On May 3 we held our Annual General Meeting. This is a recurrent event where members of BLOXHUB can participate and vote on the election of board members and listen as the board reports on the past year’s activities in BLOXHUB.

This year’s event was a hybrid format, with people joining both physically in BLOXHUB Arena, and virtually. At the Annual General Meeting, five new board members were chosen, and one of them was also chosen by the board to become the new chairperson.

Meet the New Chairperson

The new chairperson of the board of BLOXHUB is Helle Søholt, founding partner and CEO of Gehl. She was unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, but in a video presentation, she stated that she hopes to engage and listen to the members of BLOXHUB, and she looks forward to continuing the work of BLOXHUB as a platform for delivering future solutions through collaboration and partnerships.

CEO Torben Klitgaard thanks former chairperson of the board, Lars-Peter Søbye, for the last six years of collaboration.

”BLOXHUB is incredibly important because it assembles a number of knowledge companies, technology companies, and innovation powers across different sectors. This is what we need in order to deliver on the sustainability agenda and deliver climate action,” says Helle Søholt.

Watch the video presentation here.

Helle Søholt follows Lars-Peter Søbye, CEO of COWI, in the position – a position he has held for six years before deciding to step down. CEO Torben Klitgaard expressed his gratitude for Lars-Peter Søbye’s work on the board and emphasized the accessibility, integrity, and empathy that Lars-Peter Søbye has shown as chairperson.

Giving a Voice to BLOXHUB Members

As something new, the board has added a tenant representative as a member of the board. This was a proposal from last year’s Annual General Meeting, and the board decided it was a good way to include the daily users of BLOXHUB more in the strategy development.

Thomas Fokdal presents himself at the Annual General Meeting.

Five candidates from member organizations presented their cases, and Thomas Fokdal of Copenhagen Windows was elected as a new member of the board. In his short presentation of himself, he said that he hopes to engage the tenants more:

”Thank you BLOXHUB for including a tenant-representative on the board. My very fundamental goal will be exactly that: To give the tenants a stronger voice in the strategy of the future BLOXHUB. As a board our foremost purpose will be to develop an even better platform for all of us companies, who have our daily life in the house. I will listen to the tenants, involve the tenants and make you a stronger part of the house,” says Thomas Fokdal.

Apart from Thomas Fokdal, three other new members were elected as well. They were nominated by the founding partners of BLOXHUB and the board itself. We’re happy to welcome Lennie Clausen from Realdania, Ida Bigum Nielsen from The City of Copenhagen, and Lene Dammand Lund, rector at The Royal Danish Academy.

The remaining board members were re-elected, and thus Anders Thusgaard, Jørgen Bardenfleth, Jacob Holm, Indy Johar, and Nina Groes continue on the board.

See the entire list of board members and relevant documents from board activities at the bottom of this page.

CEO Torben Klitgaard with the new chairperson of the board, Helle Søholt, founding partner and CEO of Gehl.