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A new partnership agreement between Danish Cleantech Hub New York (DCH) and BLOXHUB has been signed. The purpose is to create a strong trans-national focus in circular economy within the built environment and help increase upcycling of building materials.

The first specific task is to develop a co-creation challenge process for New York-based companies or organizations with a challenge within city development or construction called Build Back Circular. 

The companies can apply to participate and if selected, they will be matched with Nordic companies with expertise and know-how within circular construction:

“Circular solutions in the built and urban environment are still an emerging movement, and with this initiative, we wish to push the agenda forward. It is only by actually ‘doing’, that we can collect examples of how circularity offers both environmental and economic benefits”, says Lotte Breengaard, Program Director, BLOXHUB.

Tone Søndergaard, Director, Danish Cleantech Hub New York, says:

”We are very excited to start the search for an American challenge participant this week. We truly believe building back circular by enabling Transatlantic co-creation will be inspiring and impactful for the entire ecosystem in New York and beyond”.

Creating opportunities for Nordic companies

The challenge can take many forms, but they have to be interested in co-creating a circular inspired solution related to the built environment and to designing, building, or managing a building or urban site.

DCH and BLOXHUB will design a tailormade process based on the winner’s specific challenge.

As soon as a winner challenge is selected; the BLOXHUB team will set up a tailored group of doers and thinkers from the BLOXHUB ecosystem to co-create an innovative solution.

“With this program, we are able to put action behind our intentions and offer a very specific opportunity to match Nordic ideas, brainpower and know-how with a visionary New York player”, says Lotte Breengaard.

See the call here:

The selection of the winner is scheduled for November.

Danish Cleantech Hub New York (DCH) and BLOXHUB have for long worked closely together in the Access Cities program planning visits from delegations, creation of networks and partnerships and increasing the visibility of Danish competencies in foreign markets. All under the headlines of cleantech and sustainable urban development.


Danish Cleantech Hub in New York was founded in 2013 as a collaboration between Dansk Industri and State of Green. Danish Cleantech Hub support the visibility and commercialization of green solutions by providing the local platform and strong network necessary to bringing Danish solutions into play in New York and the US. As part of these efforts Danish Cleantech Hub also organizes Circular City Week New York – the biggest circular economy event in the US.

Danish Cleantech Hub also works individually with companies and supports their establishment and business development in the USA.

BLOXHUB is the Nordic region’s leading hub for sustainable urban development and a community for more than 350 companies and organization. The purpose of BLOXHUB is to develop partnerships across sectors, disciplines and national borders to address the challenges of the future in sustainable urban development. Founded by Realdania, The Municipality of Copenhagen, and the Ministry of Business, BLOXHUB is a non-profit member organization. BLOXHUB receives up to a hundred delegation visits annually, which are screened and coordinated in cooperation with the City of Copenhagen.