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Let us put circular economy on the agenda! We have contributed to a new white paper ‘Designing the irresistible circular society’ by the BLOX partners BLOXHUB, Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Centre and Creative Denmark

The publication was officially launched at Milan Design Week on September 8 2021 by HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and features state-of-the-art cases, many of them involving BLOXHUB members, and insights on how to fuel a circular transition with solutions driven by creativity.

Key topics include:

  • Circular by design
  • Business models for a circular economy
  • Human-centred neighborhoods

Explore the white paper here, download the full version here or read the Executive Summary below.

Executive Summary

The shift to a circular economy has become an important part of the green transition puzzle – in Denmark as well as globally. In contrast to the take-make-waste linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design. It aims to gradually decouple growth from finite resource consumption and explore opportunities for reducing, reusing and recycling. To accelerate the shift, we need to find ways for circularity to become compelling and convincing. This calls for excellent design, new narratives, ethics, aesthetics and art within the built environment.

What if waste was never created in the first place?
What if the economy was built on using things rather than using them up? What if we could not only protect but actively improve the environment? As part of shared initiatives within the circular economy agenda, BLOXHUB, Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Centre and Creative Denmark present this white paper. Not only to address the above questions but to also add a fourth: what if we designed an irresistible circular society where circularity is a clear-cut choice – both in business models and for end consumers?

The circular principles
Based on the three pioneering principles for a circular economy put forward by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this white paper explores new opportunities and concrete solutions that (1) design out waste and pollution, (2) keep products and materials in use and (3) regenerate natural systems. Framed by insights from academic researchers, directors and leading voices within circularity, this white paper showcases Danish circular solutions from designs, buildings, production methods and circular business models with real impact.

From resource loops to circular communities
Inspired by the mission and angles of action developed through the BLOX & the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) facilitated Danish-led bid for the New European Bauhaus, this white paper is divided into three main sections:

  • Resource loops and zero waste
  • City(nature), resilience and biodiversity
  • Social values and communities

The first section explores value chains, circular business models, renovation and ways to design for disassembly. The second presents solutions for large-scale circular neighbourhoods with local resource centres and integrated urban nature. The final section showcases designs for behavioural change and scenario tools for envisioning the circular society of 2050.

The circular future starts today
With the aim of generating knowledge, supporting new solutions, leveraging global networks, and supporting Danish and international companies toward circular practices, this white paper is an invitation. The circular transition requires innovative thinking and partnerships across borders. For circularity to become irresistible, we need to build communities, innovative partnerships and alliances – and we hope to start today.