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These technological partnerships are a result of the first 5 winning teams formed by Danish companies in the construction field that have been paired off with European Tech Startups by ”Tech Match”, a collaborative program funded by Realdania in collaboration with BLOXHUB and FundingBox. This initiative has the sole purpose of making the construction industry a more sustainable and efficient one.

“Tech Match aims to help attract international startups with leading technical solutions and know-how on the market and bring them into the development space of Danish companies that have exciting solutions and are committed to a digital and international vitamin injection” says Project Manager at Realdania, Simon Kofoed-Svendsen.

“When we match highly specialized European technology startups in IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotics technology with Danish SMEs, it ignites new innovation in the form of products, methods and knowledge which, through increased efficiency and sustainability, improves both profitability and competitiveness throughout the Danish construction sector” says Sanyu Karani, FundingBox CEO.

“This shows there is a great potential in developing new solutions for the industry” says BLOXHUB’s Program Manager for Tech Match, Peter Landau.

More about Tech Match and The Companies

 The expectation is to establish between 12 and 15 Tech Matches from 2020-2022. Twice a year, an application deadline will be launched whereby Danish companies matched with EU startups, together will define a development project of 6-9 months duration. This coming September 2020, the second open call will be launched.

Each project can receive up to 100.000 Euros in funding, which can go to material procurement, expert assistance and development time.

Behind the program is Realdania with a grant of EUR 15 million over the next 2-3 years. Realdania’s investment is leveraged by EU-backed startups who have been funded with a similar amount.

The EU-backed startups are managed by Fundingbox, one of Europe’s leading distributors of funds in the Deep Tech industry. FundingBox operates an online platform with 25,000 tech start-ups and SMEs and champions entrepreneurs to access exponential funding opportunities and engage with the most curated connections and advanced knowledge thus facilitating curated deal flows for Corporates in the quest for talent.

BLOXHUB, expert innovation hub in Denmark, works towards sustainable urban development and supports collaborative projects by accompanying them, sparring around challenges, ensures knowledge-sharing and disseminating to the industry during and after the projects are completed