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Let’s create our urban future - together

BLOXHUB is the Nordic Hub for Sustainable Urbanization.

Join our ecosystem of companies, organizations, research institutions and public bodies and let's help you make our cities better.

Do you want to join our BLOXHUB co-working space in the heart of Copenhagen?


In 2023, we will celebrate Copenhagen being the World Capital of Architecture and the host of the UIA’s World Congress. We have an inspiring line-up of events and activities throughout the year planned together with great friends and members of BLOXHUB.



Making our cities sustainable is a complex challenge. We need partnerships to solve it.

A shared space builds trust

The community space in Copenhagen is the beating heart of BLOXHUB. This is where we share knowledge, think innovatively and build trust.

Trust builds communities

When we meet, we build trust – and innovative relationships emerge and become a community. The BLOXHUB community is an ecosystem counting everyone who somehow helps to create better cities worldwide.

Communities build partnerships

We foster the partnerships that are needed to connect people, share knowledge and scale businesses. We do that through innovation programs, activities – and even random meetings by the coffee machine.

BLOXHUB at a Glance


  • BLOXHUB is the Nordic Hub for sustainable urbanization.
  • We help our members to connect with partners, share knowledge and create business opportunities. Check out the programs and events to see how.
  • We work with partners throughout Europe, North America and Asia and operate on a local and global scale.
  • Our member base is an ecosystem of approx. 350 companies, science institutions, organizations and public bodies – all working with architecture, design, construction, tech or other fields related to sustainable
  • We live in a 9.000 m2 co-working space in two neighbour buildings in the heart of Copenhagen with approx. 140 member companies / 1.100 people.
  • As a member, you can have your office here – or simply just visit for activities and for using the Community Space.

eight urban agendas

The BLOXHUB Community has defined eight global and local agendas within sustainable urbanization. They serve as a beacon and a steering factor for our programs and activities.