The City of Riga, SCHØNHERR, ROCKWOOL Group, FRONT arkitekter, Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Dansk Design Center and BLOXHUB.




The purpose was to create new partnerships with the city and work together on new concepts for energy optimization of older apartment buildings.


When completed, the new concepts will benefit thousands of homes – and reduce emissions!


The planning department of Riga Municipality has been asked to make a city plan for the next 7 years in Riga, this plan is highly based on the housing situation and therefore the Riga city architect’s office are tasked with conducting research and activating it to make better homes. The challenge is that many people don’t want to renovate their buildings, which means that only few buildings are renovated in the area. Living in renovated buildings, is not interesting if it means that they are more expensive.

Quote: “Only when we started the collaboration with BLOXHUB, did our vision for the transformation of the old concrete blocks in Riga’s suburbs become realistic. We would not have had the resources for realizing this vision on our own.” Rune Ulrich Madsen from FRONT Architects.

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