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BLOXHUB’s Annual General Meeting 2021

April 26, 2021 @ 15:00 - 16:00


Dear member of BLOXHUB.

This is a call for BLOXHUB’s Annual General Meeting on April 26. 2021 at 15:00.

Due to Covid-19, the meeting will be conducted online on Zoom.

All members are invited and have the right to vote.

The General Meeting is conducted in Danish.


  1. Election of Moderator.
  2. The Board’s report on the Association’s activities in 2020.
  3. Presentation of the audited Annual Report for approval.
  4. Proposals submitted by the Board or the Association’s members

5.1 Information regarding the appointment of board members.

5.2 Election of board members, c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.02

5.3 Election of board member, c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.03.

5.4 Election of board member, c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.04.

  1. Election of auditor.
  2. Any other business.


Please note:

Regarding point 3:

The Annual Report for 2020 will be made available for the members before the General Meeting. Read it here.

Regarding point 4.1:

No proposals have been submitted so far.

If you wish any other items to be processed at the General Meeting, these should be submitted in writing to BLOXHUB’s secretariat no later than April 9. 2021. Please email to

Regarding point 5:

The three founding members have appointed the following Board members:

  • Nina Kovsted Helk, Realdania
  • Søren Tegen Pedersen, City of Copenhagen
  • Anders Thusgaard, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

The following Board members are up for election:

  • Four representatives from member companies or organisations (c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.02).
  • The Board proposes the following candidates:
  1. Lars-Peter Søbye, CEO at COWI (reelection, present Chairman)
  2. Jørgen Bardenfleth, Board member at Copenhagen Capacity (reelection, present Vice Chairman)
  3. Jacob Holm, Chairman of Danish Architecture Centre (reelection)
  4. Line Groes, founder and board member of IS IT A BIRD (reelection)
  • One representative with international experience (c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.03).
    • The Board proposes Indy Johar, Cofounder and CEO of Dark Matter Labs (election).
  • One representative representing research, (c.f. the Articles of the Association 5.01.04).
  • The Board proposes Torben Nielsen, Rector at Aarhus School of Architecture (reelection).


If you wish to suggest alternative candidates to the Board, please email your candidates to BLOXHUB’s secretariat at no later than April 9. 2021.

If the agenda is altered due to new proposals from the members or if there are alternative candidates for the Board, updated information will be sent out two weeks before the General Meeting, i. e. on April 12. 2021.

Registration to General Meeting

Please register for the General Meeting by signing up here no later than April 22. 2021:


After event: BLOXHUB Debates – City of Possibilities

On the same afternoon from 16:00 to 17.15 we invite you to join our online streamed event “BLOXHUB Debates – City of Possibilities”.

During Covid-19 we have gotten used to images of deserted cities under lockdown and news of people moving out of the city centres. Recalling memories of vibrant urban spaces this debate asks, how we can meet the current needs of cities while ensuring a city of possibilities?

Just how can we ensure adaptive re-use of urban space to fit the current needs of cities? And who should be involved in the process? How can we create not only greener cities, but cities that are socially sustainable?

We are proud to present the following panelists joining us to discuss those questions:

  • Camilla van Deurs, City Architect for the City of Copenhagen
  • Indy Johar, Cofounder & Executive Director at Dark Matter Labs
  • Lars Pico, Dean at Build, Aalborg University
  • Signe Brinck, Ph.D., Activist and Artist, Roskilde Festival
  • Enlai Hooi, Head of Innovation, SHL
  • Sarah Jarsbo, frontwoman for the network Sydhavnen

The debate will be conducted in English and moderated by Pernille Berg, fil.dr., Science Manager, BLOXHUB.

Please register for the debate by signing up here no later than April 22. 2021:


April 26, 2021
15:00 - 16:00