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What does it take to deliver an equitable and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic? 

A group of mayors from the global C40 network have recently collectively identified the key actions and policies that are critical to achieving a green and just recovery and expressed their deep concern that only 3-5% of international COVID-19 stimulus is committed to a sustainable recovery.

We are aware, that by propping up polluting economies we will accelerate climate breakdown, cost lives and endanger public health. So why are we doing it? And what does it take to focus more on creating green jobs, investing in public service and giving public spaces back to people and nature?

Through a series of four online debates, C40 and BLOXHUB wish to explore how cities can turn the pandemic around and deliver an effective,  green and just recovery. Together, we will look at the barriers, the possibilities, the facts, and the bright ideas with experts, politicians, companies, cities and citizens:

“During the pandemic, we have seen leadership from mayors and collaboration between cities across the world. Mayors have sought each other in a time of crises. Now we need to look ahead and make sure that the COVID-19 recovery is also a green and just recovery. With this event series, we will explore the recommendations from C40 mayors on how to create green jobs, ensure basic services are accessible to all and rethink how our cities are organised”, says Simon Kjær Hansen, Director of Regions, C40. 

Follow the four online events and sign up here:

Read more and sign up for the first online event: “Can cities fix a post-pandemic world order?” on January 27 @ 16:30 – 17:30